Overview of the Loan Process

Determine how much you can borrow.
I can help you find out how much home you can buy, even before you begin looking. Once you’ve answered a few simple questions, I’ll calculate the amount you can borrow. It’s simple, just click apply now to get started or call me at (503) 581-8100 and I can take your information over the phone.

To complete the pre-qualification step you will need to supply some brief information about employment, assets, etc. Once this information is reviewed, I will issue your Pre-Qualification Letter. As you begin looking for a home, I will start searching for the best loan to meet your specific needs and you or your Real Estate Agent can use your Pre-Qualification Letter to negotiate the best deal for you on your new home.

 Your Loan – Approved and Funded!
Once you have selected a home and have a contract with the Seller then the next steps are Underwriting and the appraisal process.

What Will Your Monthly Mortgage Payment Be?

Mortgage Calculator